Behaviour and Learning Attitudes

Positive Behaviour

For children to enjoy school and to learn to their full potential they need an environment in which they feel happy, relaxed and secure.  This is best achieved where children are clear as to what is expected of them in terms of their behaviour and as a staff we are consistent in our approach.

At Woodbury School we actively promote positive behaviour and place strong emphasis on strategies which support this to ensure that good behaviour is explicitly encouraged and celebrated. Our approach centres upon our core Golden Rules that every member of our school community follows. These rules are focussed around mutual respect for everything and everyone.

Everyone in school has a responsibility to follow the Golden Rules. We have very high expectations of our pupils and any behaviour that undermines these rules is addressed promptly.

Positive Attitudes to Learning

Having confidence and a positive attitude to learning is crucial to a pupil’s success in school. We want our pupils to be motivated, determined and proactive in their learning and these are life-long skills that we teach and promote. Developing positive attitudes to learning is at the core of all our teaching.  We achieve this by explicitly teaching our children about how they learn, using Building Learning Power.  We introduced BLP in September 2016 and have already seen a tremendously positive impact upon how our children view and approach their learning, both in school and at home.  We are very excited about how we will build upon this in the forthcoming years.  

Each week, children who have excelled using one of their BLP ‘Learning Muscles’ are formally recognised and presented with Learning Certificates in our Celebration Assembly. 

This year we are aiming to develop the role of Learning Mentors.  This is where older children who have demonstrated a strength in an aspect of learning will tutor a younger child or group or children. In this way, the children will provide support, so that the younger children understand that everyone faces the same challenges they learn and that with perseverance everyone will succeed.    

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