Equality Statement

At Woodbury Primary School we treat and respect everybody equally.  We are fully committed to eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation, promoting equality of opportunity, good relations and positive attitudes towards all people, encouraging participation of all in public life and making reasonable adjustments to assist disabled people within our school community.
Our commitment covers equality on the grounds of: age, disability, gender, pregnancy, race, religion/belief and sexual orientation including gender reassignment. We expect our staff and governors to put in place our commitment and organisational values by: ensuring acceptable behaviour, responding to complaints and incidents in a positive, proactive and timely way, providing access to services, facilities and information, recruiting and employing people fairly and meeting specific needs.
Please see our Equality Policy for full details about how we meet our duties of the Equality Act 2010.
Our Equality Objectives 2021-2022
  1. To ensure that children in all groups make at least good progress 
  2. To develop support for children with emotional and mental health concerns 
  3. To increase understanding and develop support for children and adults with Autism within the school community.

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