Foundation Stage Curriculum

In Beech class we work closely with parents to provide our youngest children with a broad range of skills from which they can successfully develop throughout their school life. Particular importance is given to developing early mathematical concepts and pupils’ reading abilities, alongside the development of personal and social skills in a fun and inspiring environment.

The Foundation class curriculum is divided into seven areas, three of which are ‘prime’ and four of which are ‘specific’ areas.  The prime areas are personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, and physical development.  The specific areas are literacy, maths, understanding of the world, expressive arts and design.   

The experienced and approachable staff are skilled at helping children to settle quickly and acquire key skills which will enable them to become successful learners and confident individuals.  We plan, working with parents, to give our children a good start to their schooling so that they have positive attitudes and appropriate skills as they move through the school.

During the first couple of weeks please help your child come into class, gradually withdrawing your level of input so that they learn to do this for themselves.  It is a great help if you could talk them about what they would like to choose for lunch, should they be having a school meal.  During the first half term, a lot of emphasis will be placed upon developing the children's social skills and learning school routines. Assessments will also be made so as to inform the planning of lessons.  Once your child is ready, they will be given short home learning activities to complete with you, this will include learning some letters and phonics. Before we do, there will be a Parent Workshop, to give you a few pointers about how to do this so that we are working in the same way. Your child will also be given a reading book to share with you.  As your child learns to read, it is essential that they learn both to decode words and understand what they are reading and you have a Parent Workshop to share with you ways you can support your child's reading at home. 

Once settled into school the children are given log in details to access Bug Club, to read books online at home, and also Mathletics, an app with maths games and activities. 

For more detail about the Foundation Curriculum please see the Overview below

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