Gifted and Talented

At Woodbury Primary School we strive for every child to become a motivated and effective learner with the social and emotional skills to be able to make the most of every opportunity they meet, both in and beyond school.  Every child has individual gifts and abilities and we recognise that some children  are especially talented or gifted. We consider children who are achieving or have the potential to achieve in advance of their peers in one or more academic subject to be ‘gifted’, whereas those with enhanced creative, musical, sporting, practical or artistic ability are considered ‘talented’.

At Woodbury we believe that all children should receive an education that motivates and allows them to succeed.  For children who have a gift or talent, we meet this in a range of ways including expecting them to understand a subject to a greater depth or provide open ended investigation or project where they have to independently use the full range of learning skills to achieve an outcome.  As for all groups of children, G&T children need to be motivated and curious to learn more if they are to fulfill their potential.  They also need to develop the skills to deal with something they find hard as well as how to cope with failure. By focusing upon developing learning skills, our curriculum naturally supports more able children to develop in both these areas.

For more information please see our Gifted and Talented policy.

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