Home Learning

At Woodbury School we believe that regular home learning activities, which are matched appropriately to pupils’ age and ability, can make a significant contribution to children’s learning by:

  • providing opportunities for children to practise what they have learned in school
  • encouraging independent learning and developing good habits for the future
  • strengthening links between school and home
  • supporting parents in sharing in their children’s learning
  • fostering a thirst for knowledge and a lifelong love of learning

We also recognise the importance of protecting children’s leisure time and believe that homework should be manageable within family life, complementing rather than restricting the opportunities that parents and carers choose to provide for their children out of school.

Home learning books are sent home each week with details of activities and the date due for return. Activities will include regular reading, practising spellings, learning key number facts, researching new topics and playing games that reinforce learning in class.

We ask that parents support the school in making home learning as positive and effective as possible by encouraging children to complete their homework to the best of their ability at a suitable time when they are able to concentrate and not be distracted.  Supporting your child with their home learning is excellent, especially encouraging rather than doing it for them.  Sharing how you learn and how you deal with challenges by 'thinking out loud' is an excellent way to help your child understand that we all face the same difficulties and feel the same things when faced with a challenge. 

Parents and carers are also encouraged to write in their child’s homework books to share successes or concerns regarding home learning with their child’s teacher. Please see our policies page to read our homework policy.



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