Parent Survey Results


Parent Survey Results 2020


We greatly value knowing what our parents think and feel about the school.  Individually we receive a great deal of positive feedback, often in recognition of something which has taken place, such as a visit, class assembly or the care of individual children.


Periodically we ask for parent views about specific topics and use the feedback to inform how to improve our provision.


We continually review what we do, aspiring to improve the quality of education and care we provide for our children. Each year, we ask parents their views about the school using our Parent Survey.  We use this information to direct future school development and to take individual action where required. 


In spring 2020, we asked our parents their views about the school. The responses of the 79 parents are below.  We are delighted with the high level of positive replies we received and are looking at ways we can further improve in the future.


Please see the responses below.


Survey Questions

Average Parental response out of 5

How well have we supported your child’s learning during school lockdown?


How well have we supported you and other people’s families in other areas such as access to food, community support etc?


Overall, how would you rate our response to the Covid-19 pandemic?



We wish to thank you for the support you have given us during the last few months. The feedback from our parent survey was overwhelmingly positive with so many messages of thanks and good wishes. Phone calls, bespoke learning videos for children who need additional support, bedtime story sessions, weekly updates, contact and prompt individual feedback are some of the actions that have been particularly appreciated.

The quality of the home learning activities and the excellent communication have also been praised in relation to both schools across the federation. Areas that parents would like us to develop further, are introducing 1:1 contact via zoom and the delivery of virtual lessons. As a result, we have held Google Meet sessions between children and their teachers. Virtual lessons are an aspect we are exploring further as we may find ourselves in lockdown again in the future.



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