Parent Survey Results

We greatly value knowing what our parents think and feel about the school.  Individually we receive a great deal of positive feedback, often in recognition of something which has taken place, such as a visit, class assembly or the care of individual children.
Periodically we ask for parent views about specific topics and use the feedback to inform how to improve our provision.  In 2015-16, this was the case for both the School Meal service and also for the content of this new website.  
We continually review what we do, aspiring to improve the quality of education and care we provide for our children. Each year, we ask parents their views about the school using the Ofsted Parent Survey.  We use this information to direct future school development and to take individual action where required. 
In September 2015, Mrs Sparks and Miss Pyle gave four presentations to parents introducing themselves as the new leadership team. Central to this was asking the parents what they felt made Woodbury C of E such a special school and what they felt should be immediate and longer term development priorities for the school.  Sixty three families were represented at the meetings and the feedback received has been acted upon to improve our provision - from smaller items such as the 'post box' in the foyer, to creating a new website and upgrading IT provision throughout the school.  A strong theme was to develop outdoor learning and to maintain the caring family ethos of the school.  
In Spring 2018, we asked our parents their views about the school. The responses of the 93 parents who responded at below.  We are delighted with the high level of positive responses we received and are looking at ways we can further improve in the future.

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