Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Grant  (PPG) is allocated to schools for children on roll who are known to have been eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) at any time during the last six years. Different amounts of Pupil Premium are also allocated to schools for children who have been in care or whose parents are in the Armed Forces. The purpose of the PPG is to help ensure that these potentially vulnerable groups of children reach their full potential; academically and socially.

Schools are free to spend the PPG as they see fit, however we are accountable for how we have used the funding. Please see the documents below to see how we have used our PPG.  We review the overall pupil premium strategy annually, the next review being due in April 2018.

At Woodbury, we recognise that some children who are not registered or qualify for FSM are socially disadvantaged and vice versa. We therefore use the PPG to support any pupil who is socially disadvantaged.  We use our Pupil Premium funding flexibly based upon the needs of individual and groups of children, therefore the way we support different groups may be different and these will also change with time to reflect the change in needs of the children.  We regularly review the way in which we use our PPG  to ensure that it is being used effectively.  Each September we publish a review of the previous years PPG expenditure and the impact it has had.  We also publish our plans for the forthcoming school year.

At Woodbury School we use our Pupil Premium Grant to:

  • To aim to eradicate the difference in attainment in maths and English between children from vulnerable groups and others within the school.
  • To ensure that children from vulnerable groups can gain access to the curriculum in terms of their learning skills as well as resources.
  • To support the emotional and social development of children from vulnerable groups.
  • Ensure that children from vulnerable groups can access extra-curricular activities.

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