Reading and Phonics

Reading: Reading is a priority at Woodbury Primary.  We teach reading skills within English lessons and Group Reading sessions.  We also timetable opportunities for the children to engage in sustained private reading as well as opportunities to visit the library.  We have book areas in each class and belong to the Devon School’s Library Service, which provides us with over a thousand fresh books each year.  In Key Stage One, we use reading schemes including Rigby Star, Bug Club, Oxford Reading Tree's Project X, and National Geographic.  Children can access their reading books online at home and school via Bug club. Code X is a programme designed to encourage and enthuse readers in Year 2, who need a boost to master decoding and comprehension skills. When a child completes the reading scheme, demonstrating that they read with a good level of understanding, they become a ‘free reader’ choosing their books from the class or school library. Across Key Stage 2 we use Accelerated Reader (AR) to support children’s independent reading. AR is an online system which can be used to monitor the reading habits and comprehension of free reader children.  Using this, we will be able to monitor children continually, through a series of levelled on line quizzes, which the children undertake individually after reading books.  This will ensure that each child has individual reading goals, which can be achieved through a wide choice of books.


Phonics: We teach phonics every day to our Foundation and all Key Stage 1 children.  We base our teaching upon the Letters and Sounds programme, supplementing with additional resources as appropriate.  We use early phonic reading books to reinforce the learning in phonics lessons.  Where necessary, we extend the teaching of phonics into Key Stage 2 where children need additional support to secure their phonic knowledge. 

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