School Mentors

All Year 5 and 6 children have the opportunity to apply to be a Mentor. To apply, they either write a letter of application or complete an application form. The children are then trained in the responsibilities of being a mentor.

The responsibilities of Mentors include:

  • Digital Mentors help improve the use of any aspect of IT across the school. Digital mentors help teach other children how to use software, help teachers with setting up IT equipment and sometimes they test and evaluate new resources. 
  • Office Mentors help with various administrative jobs on their allocated day.
  • School Environment Mentors help to keep the school tidy, identify ways to improve aspects of safety, improve displays and the outdoor areas.
  • Buddying, where a Mentor partners a younger child at playtime or at other arranged times.  Buddies also help children who join the school find their way around and make friends.
  • Wet Play Mentors help the younger children learn to play various games during wet playtimes.

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