School Organisation

Our school has 200 pupils aged from 4 – 11 years.  As a smaller than average sized school, we get to know children extremely well resulting in focused teaching and learning, with strong care, guidance and support.

Our pupils are organised into 7 classes, one per year group, as shown below.  Within each class the children work in both ability and mixed-ability groups ensuring all children are supported and challenged at a level which is appropriate for them.


Class name

Year Group

Main Teachers

Beech Class


Miss Bowyer/Mrs Hall

Willow Class

Year 1

Mrs Simpson/Mrs Driscoll

Oak Class

Year 2

Mr Green/ Mrs York

Cherry Class

Year 3

Mr Preston/Mrs harwood

Maple Class

Year 4

Mr Norton

Chestnut Class

Year 5

Miss O'Leary

Ash Class

Year 6

Mrs Vernon/Mrs Blakesley

Other staff, in teaching and support roles, work with classes and groups of children during the week.


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