Starting at Woodbury School

Starting school; be it starting school for the very first time in the Foundation class or later from another school, is an important step and one we invest a great deal of care and time to ensure that the transition process is a happy and exciting time for both the children and their families.

In the summer term prior to starting in Foundation, parents are invited to a meeting with our  Foundation teacher, Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and other staff who will be supporting the children and may be of help to you. You will learn about the curriculum, day-to-day routines and how to prepare your child for starting school. There will be time for you to ask questions and you will be given our “Welcome Pack” which contains a wealth of information that we hope will be of use and interest to you at this important time. The children will also be invited to spend some sessions in school so that they can meet their new teacher, other children and become familiar with their new classroom.

Before your child joins us from another school, Mrs Sparks would ideally like to meet or speak with you.  You are very welcome to visit and ask any questions to help you decide whether to move your child from another school.  If you are new to the area a visit is the quickest and most informative way of finding out about us.  If you decide that you would like your child to join us where possible we arrange for them to have a 'taster' morning to help them become familiar with their new school.  On their first day, please come to the main office where Mrs Sparks will take you and your child to their new class.  During the day the teacher will include specific activities to help your child make friends and learn about the school, this will continue until they are fully integrated into all aspects of school life.  Your child's teacher will arrange to meet with you as soon as possible to find out more about your child and it is a great help to us if you could bring all of your child's latest work and any records or reports you may have from your child's previous school. 

We encourage parents and carers to be very active partners with the school, especially at this important time and you will be welcome in the classroom at the start and finish of the school day to share your child’s experiences.

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