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30th April 2020


School Diary

Week Ending 24th April 2020


We have had a busy week.  On Monday, we chose ‘Sports Stars’ as our focus for the week.  In the afternoon the children from all year groups worked together to come up with different ‘Sports Events’.  These ranged from a baton obstacle course, to stealth commando crawling, mini dodgeball and throwing and catching.  We all went outside and took part in our mini Olympics in the sunshine.


We decided to get outside over the week and enjoy the sunshine.  We spent the afternoon in the nature garden, we did some pond dipping and found lots of newts and other insects in the water.  We also kept up with all the weeding in the allotment and nature garden.


We took part in the Woodbury World Records!  Key-stage one all worked together in the hall to complete timed challenges set up by the adults.  Key-stage 2 worked in a classroom, and created some of their own challenges


Beth O'Leary


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Week ending 17th April 2020
This week in school the theme was Space Week.  We did our learning in the mornings and then, in the afternoons, we made space paintings, built a lego moon colony, went through astronaut training, and made our own sundials. 
Because the weather has been so beautiful we spent lots of time in the wildlife garden.  We have traipsed back and forth to the tap with our watering cans and filled 4 wheelbarrows with weeds and now the garden is looking spick and span! 
We have also been contributing to the school window display by making hand prints to cut out and use as leaves on the tree.

Jo Davey

Year 4 Teacher

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