Woodbury C of E Primary School

Code of Conduct

At Woodbury School we actively promote positive behaviour and place strong emphasis on strategies which support this to ensure that good behaviour is explicitly encouraged and celebrated.

Our school code of conduct aims to build relationships, support inclusion and set boundaries, so that agreements can be reached. We expect the following three rules to be shown at school: 

1. Take Care of Yourself Always … tell someone if you are unhappy, being picked on, or feel that you are being bullied … stay on school premises Never … do anything silly or dangerous, where you might be hurt

2. Take Care of Others Always … be friendly and welcoming to visitors and newcomers … be respectful and kind towards adults and other children Never … do anything to hurt others (such as hitting/name calling/teasing) 

3. Take Care of Our School Always … look after the school resources and grounds … be proud to represent the School Never … do anything to cause damage in our school or give the school a bad name