Woodbury C of E Primary School


Reading and Phonics


Learning to read and developing a love of reading is a priority at Woodbury School. We teach reading skills from the beginning of Foundation within English lessons and Guided Reading sessions. We make sure we provide our children with many other opportunities to engage in private reading with inviting reading areas in each classroom and a welcoming library. In Foundation and Year One, we teach phonics and guided reading using the scheme FFT "Success For All" phonics. Children can access their reading books online at home and school via the portal. This scheme continues into Year 2 to support children where necessary. Once a child can demonstrate that they read with a good level of understanding, they have opportunity to choose a range of free reading or short chapter books from the class or school library. Across Key Stage 2 we use Accelerated Reader (AR) to support children’s independent reading. AR is an online system which can be used to monitor reading habits and comprehension.


We teach phonics daily to our Foundation and Year 1 children, continuing into Year 2 where necessary. We use the approved synthetic phonics scheme FFT "Success For All" phonics. We use additional phonetically decodable reading books to reinforce the learning from our phonics lessons. Where necessary, we extend the teaching of phonics into Key Stage 2 where children need additional support to secure their phonic knowledge.

Reading Curriculum Statement Skills Progression