Woodbury C of E Primary School


Historical understanding fires children’s curiosity and imagination about events from the past.

It connects Britain’s past with the present and the future, as well as the ever-changing continents around the world. It helps children to make sense of our place in the world and is central to their development as informed, active and responsible citizens. At Woodbury, children are encouraged to see how societies are organised and shaped by people’s values and actions, and how communities can live and work together through inquiry-based questions. They learn through piecing together diversity, interdependence, fairness, justice and democracy when exploring sources; they begin to understand how events that happened in Britain long ago, or in other countries, can affect our lives today and how our actions shape the future. Children are taught through a range of methods that include: case studies out of school on both day and residential trips, role play and character study, annotating images and drawing interpretations.

History Curriculum Statement Skills Progression