Woodbury C of E Primary School


The administration of medicines, although not compulsory, is part of our inclusive practice.

It is however governed by strict procedures and nominated staff will only administer medicines prescribed by a doctor.

A consent form must be completed by the parent or guardian of the pupil and be delivered personally, together with the medicine, to the child's classroom. The form is available below and at the school office.

Medicine must be in the original container labelled with its contents, the owner's name, required dosage and the prescribing doctor's name. Medications are stored in the office, with the exception of inhalers and where documented in an agreed medical plan. Should the medication need to be kept cool, please send it in a cool-bag with a cooling block.

Non-prescribed medications will be not administered.

Children are not allowed to self-medicate except in the case of using an inhaler for asthma or injecting medication, if this is part of an agreed medical plan.

Further Information

Parental Agreement to Administer Medicines Form