Woodbury C of E Primary School

School Parliament

All Year 6 children have the opportunity to apply to be a Parliament Leader


To apply, the children speak with our acting KS2 Assistant Headteacher. The children are then trained in the responsibilities of being a Parliament Leader by a link member of staff.

The responsibilities of our Parliament Leaders include:

  • School Parliament Leaders: lead the School Council
  • Librarians: to look after the school library, lead story times
  • School Animal Ministers: to support in the care of our animals
  • Ministers for Ethos and Spirituality: to help promote the school values
  • Ministers for Mental Health and Wellbeing: to promote positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Ministers for Play: to support positive play and behaviour at lunchtime
  • Ministers for School Grounds:  responsible for the care of the school grounds
  • Ministers for the Environment: promoting sustainability
  • Ministers for Learning: supporting children in younger years with their learning